How To Create A Decorative Custom Border Using Icolorama


Thank you for stopping by my new blog! I know many of you are my friends on Instagram and have asked about my custom borders so I decided to dedicate my first post to this topic! If you don’t have icolorama, I have 5 promo codes for a free download available thanks to Teresa, the awesome developer of icolorama! Please email me at and I will send a promo code to the first 5 people… so go and grab it now!! Since I now use my ipad almost exclusively for editing, the screenshots are from my ipad. If you are using your iphone, the steps should coordinate. OK. Let’s get started.

imageChoose your image and import into icolorama. Choose Preset, then Border in the top bar. Move the radius slider all the way to the right. Click on the color box to bring up the color palette, and choose a white color that blends with your image. Your screen should look like this. Make sure to hit apply on the top to save your choices.


imageStep two. We are going to introduce a smaller border on top of the first border in a contrasting color that blends with our image. I am going to choose a pink color. Move the radius down to about 40 then click apply.


imageStep three. Here’s where the real fun begins, but it also gets a little tricky but I know you can do this! On the left, click on the double circle icon. This is the masking button. Then click on the paintbrush icon. Adjust the size bar down to .03. Click on Box 1 and choose the third option down, circle 3/31. Now I want you to click on the half circle icon over on the right.


imageStep Four. Go to the top bar, choose form, then choose glass, and click on the 4th box down 4/83. Good! Next, grab your stylus, or use your finger, but I prefer a stylus because it gives me more control, and carefully paint around the border of the image, being careful not to go into the actual image. You should see large dots appearing in the areas you are painting. These are from the glass filter 4/83 that I asked you to select earlier. Through much trial and error, I discovered that it’s easier to paint when a texture appears so I can stay on track. If you do mess up a little… I always do… just click the icon with the black circle in it and go back over your mistake… this will erase. Then go back to the white dot button and continue painting. After you are all done painting, and you are happy with the masking, make sure to click the Apply button on top!!


imageStep Five. Get Creative! Now that you have your border painted, browse through the glass filters and play around with the size bar and search for a glass filter effect that fits well with your image. This can take awhile, because the options are literally endless. For this image, I settled on glass texture 18/83 and adjusted the size bar down to 88. You can also adjust the opacity, but I usually leave it full strength. Once you find the effect you like best, be sure to click Apply to save it. And there you go!! Sometimes I layer several several glass effects after I click the apply button, and often I will go back to borders and choose a tiny contrasting opaque border to finish it off.


Congratulations!! You are done!! I hope to see your masterpiece on IG… be sure to tag me and icolorama!!